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Fair and Balanced Body Counts

As everyone is so fond of counting all of the innocent lives that are taken as part of the War in Iraq, I thought I would help out in my own way. Here I will keep track of all of the civilians that are killed by terrorists. Specifically it seems odd to me that the Muslim community overseas has such a violent reaction to the incidental deaths caused by Americans, yet they gloss over the death toll caused by other Muslims. I can only assume that they feel that Muslims being killed by other Muslims is fine and dandy. I will keep a record of their stunning successes for them...

From end of war until 1/30/04 - estimated 300 civilian deaths from terrorists in Iraq.
2/1/04 - 109 Iraqi's killed by twin bombings at two Kurdish party offices in the northern city of Irbil. No coalition soldiers in area.
2/10/04 - 55 Iraqi's killed outside a police station applying for jobs South of Baghdad (car bomb). No coalition soldiers in area.
2/11/04 - 47 Would-be Iraqi soldiers killed in central Baghdad (car bomb). No coalition soldiers in area.
2/14/04 - 20 Iraqi police killed in police station attack in Fallujah. No coalition soldiers in area.
2/16/04 - 2 Iraqi children killed by a grenade in an elementary school trashcan in Baghdad. No coalition soldiers in area.
2/18/04 - 11 Iraqi civilians killed at a coalition base checkpoint (car bomb). No coalition casualties.
2/21/04 - 1 Iraqi civilian killed at the home of an Iraqi police chief (gun battle). No coalition soldiers in area.
2/21/04 - Oil pipeline bombed in Northern Iraq. No casualties, but another example of anti-Iraqi tactics by other muslims.
2/22/04 - 1 Iraqi civilian killed by a makeshift bomb along a road near Mosul. No coalition soldiers in area.
2/23/04 - 8 Iraqi's killed at/near a police station in Kirkuk (car bomb). No coalition soldiers in area.
3/02/04 - 169 Iraqi's killed in the Shia holy city of Karbala during Muslim holy day (parcel bombs) and in front of the Shia temple of Imam Musa al-Kadhim during religious ceremony (rocket fire). No coalition soldiers in area.

Iraqi's killed by terrorists from 2/1/04 until 3/2/04 = 423

I was going to update this regularly, but the figures for February speak for themselves. I don't think I need to go on.

Jay Corvid
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